When searching for a Fence contractor is important to have ready a list of questions ready for your contractor. We are here to help even if you choose to not go with our Company. In this section you will find a few example that might help ease the process.

  1. Is you company License and Insured? Ask for your contractor to send you prove of insurance, look up reviews and complaints at LeeCounty.gov

  2. Do you subcontract work? Research the company; google is great source to find out info about a company.

  3. How long is the permit process? Lee county is the fastest county to approve permits. They Can take any where from 1-2 weeks for approval. Cape Coral can take up to a month for a permit to process.

  4. How long will I have to wait for install after permit is approved? The demand in Fence Installation has grown an a great % in the last year, causing companies to have a waiting list for installation.

  5. Do you offer warranty on labor?

  6. Do you offer warranty on materials?

  7. Checking the companies Facebook page can save tons of money! Many companies have offers on their Facebook page to bring in clients!