We have all types of Wood Fence from; Shadowbox Wood Fencing, Stockade Wood Fencing, Horizontal Wood Fencing, to what ever you can think, if you can dream it we make it ! Wood is also 100% privacy apart from Metal and PVC, giving you the boundaries you need! Call us today with your dream Wood Fence

There are many different types of fencing material, but wood remains a ubiquitous choice, popular for its natural beauty and affordability. Not only is it easy to find a wooden fence that’s the right size, height, and color for your property, but it’s also easy to maintain a wooden fence. Repairs are as simple as replacing a board, and changing the look of your fence is as easy as a coat of paint or some new stain. What’s so great about wooden fences? Here five benefits of installing a wooden fence.


  • Privacy- We all want to feel secure and safe in our home, Wooden Fence provides that extra layer of security and privacy.

  • Wooden fences are affordable and durable. Because wood is natural and abundant, the price of wood fencing stays reasonably low as compared to things like wrought iron, aluminum, or vinyl. When a wood fence is professionally installed and properly maintained, it can last for decades and remain attractive.

  • Environmental Friendly. Fence can be treated with environmentally conscious stabilizers and preservatives that protect them from swelling or termite damage without harming the soil or groundwater.

  • Variety Of Styles. A style for each wethrer you refer the elegant look of Gothic or French Gothic boards, or a more rustic Dog Ear or Flat Top design, wood fences are highly versatile. A rail fence is an excellent simple choice to surround a large area, while a picket fence is classic and inviting.