Ranch Style Fences give that extrodanry look to a home. It inspires freedom and purity while providing security and reasurance. Immagine an afternoon near your lake, or just a stroll around your property while admiring the beauty of horses and other animals; walk around freely in their designated area. At Velocity Fencing we are able to provide our clients with the most unique Ranch Style Fence whether its to give your property that distinctive unmatchable look or to just keep animals restrained as Velocity Fencing you will find the right style for you! Look us up on Facebook for Ranch style Fence videos you will love.


Leave it to the experts

There is always a story behind every decision made to install a fence. Ranch style being my favorite; I've heard it all from a dog run away to Gators joining on a afternoon bbq near a Canal. Most common story I've heard is, I can do it myself. Clients call on a daily basis requesting our assistance in assisting to finish what they thought would be a simple and quick day job. Reality easy that according to the style fence chosen the handwork can be tough, greasy and very exhausting . In all cases homeowners have not gotten to even 20Ft before they give up and decide to give us a call.

You’re inexperienced

You could be a seasoned veteran when it comes to all sorts of different tasks around your ranch, but you probably don’t have too much experience installing miles of fencing. Lifting 60-80 pound cement bags can be extremely difficult even when using a machinery. Measurements and precision are among many of the things required to install a Ranch Fence. Our trained installers have the tools and experience needed to complete your fence in a fast and proficient manner.