PVC Fences are the most common privacy fence used,. The variety of colors, sizes and styles is outstanding. They range from gray to a two tone color; white PVC being the most common used. Whats astonishing about a PVC fence is that they ensure complete Privacy from neighbors when using a 6ft high Solid fence. PVC can transsion from a 6ft to 3ft solid or 4Ft with open pickets allowing homeowners with Canal to comply with the 25ft visibility code enforced by both the City and County .

At Velocity Fencing you will find that our installers have aquired a great amount experties in PVC fencing installations. Conquering difficult and extensive job layouts is a daily routine for them.

Low Maintenance – You’re a busy person and don’t have extra hours to spend keeping up with your fence. A PVC fence can easily be cleaned with a hose. No repainting or heavy maintenance needed.

Strong – While wood has withstood the test of time, PVC/vinyl fencing has proven itself to be stronger, and doesn’t absorb moisture or blister.

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PVC Open Picket: Among the many styles of Privacy PVC you will also find Open Picket PVC. This Style Of PVC does not offer the advantage of a privacy fence, but instead it gives homeowner the power to establish limits within their property while sustaining their view. PVC open picket panels are great for border definition, curb PVC driveway accents and garden enclosures.

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