We guarantee all our customers that we DO NOT subcontract work out! When you visit our gallery section all pictures of work done are by Velocity Fencing; this assures that you will always have the same quality of work each and every time.


We are ready from day one! From the moment you decide to reach us wether its for a quote or a questions we make sure all your needs are met. Homeowners will receive a folder with License and Insurance papers, Letters of recommendations from previos clients and companies, as well as their quote. At time of Installation, we recommend all our customers to be onsite; prior to job being started and once completed. . All our installers are required to do a walk through at the start of the installation and after the installation.



Keeping up with regulations and mandates is a must. In a industries where guidelines fluctuate on each County and City its crucial for both contractors and its employees to maintain regular training. Our Key goal is to offer our clients a fast service and a knowledge staff.


Fences come in a variety of styles,color and sizes. Unfortuanally, City, County and HOA restrict the type of Fence your home or business might have.

Offering our clients a mixture of fence products and options is a key companent to a successful installation. While many home can install a 6ft high Privacy Fence around their properties others cannot. If your home has a Canal with in 25ft, restrictions apply. Such restrictions specify that no privacy fence ( Wood, PVC, and Metal) over 3FT High can be installed with the 25ft of the Canal. However Chain link, and Aluminum can reach up to 4Ft High; for those who desire higher Privacy Fence we offer the option to choose from our 4ft PVC Open Picket.

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Discover the advantages of Velocity Fencing

It can take days to reach the correct Fence Company that meets yours needs. Google generates over 100 Fence Companies in SWFl in a single search. Not including the 100 more that don’t show up on google, but are referred through a friend or colleague. When receiving quotes of any kind most people go for the lowest one; its understandable! With todays economy fluctuating, its smart to safe when you can. However, I recommend all home and business owners to verify price market prior to accepting a low quote ; the risk acquired multiply instantly. Taking on a big project such a new fence for your home or business comes with many challenges below are some tips to keep in mind:

Licensed and Insured

Despite the fact that any company can be listed on sunbiz and be insured does not garante you that they are Fence Contractors. Verifying license number and insurance will safe you time down the line. Whereas un licensed company might be able to provide a lower quote they will not be able to pull permits and inspections. They will not have access to real time information regarding your permit and in most cases the time to for permit approvel doubles such as they use a third party; incresed permit fees are typical. Damages to electrical lines, phones lines, water pipes and sprinkler systems are common; in most cases they are repaired onsite. In case damages are non reparable by the contractor insured and licensed contractors have the option to pay of hand or submit to insurance company, in ethier case customers are assured that their damages will be fixed correctly with no cost to them. In contrast, although the company performing the installation might be insured but not licensed you still face the posibility of seeing yourself in a civil law suit. Like I stated previously unlicenses companies must use a third party to submit permits. Meaning claims can take a provoleged period of time and in most cases not paid.

Is you Fence project being subcontracted?

Are you in fact contracting the company that provides the quote? Ill go further into detail. Many companies after acquiring your business will subcontract their work; meaning you never met the installation company until time of Install. This leaves us with the big question; Who did you Contract X or Y Company?


Creating boundaries while integrating teamwork, safety, intergrity, and operational excellency.